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[01 Aug 2002|10:39pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I just finished chapter one of a new fic with my friend. (We have a new pen name exclusively for our collaborative works on ff.net) Anyhoo, this one is really, ahem, interesting. Read and review, onegai shimasu.

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[24 Jun 2002|07:47pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I don't know if anyone has actually been reading this, but I uploaded a new chapter of Shattered Reality to fanfiction.net http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=112523

Oh! And for anyone who has visited my page before, later in the week (once it's moved and updated), I will have another announcement.

Don't know if anyone actually reads my fics, but you can't blame a girl for trying.

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Untitled fic thingy. [26 Apr 2002|02:50pm]

Youji POV (what else? O_o)

Rated G, or PG. ^_^ Warning for weird car metaphors.

He'd been on this road for years.

Without even the luxury of a smooth ride, while chunks of pavement cracked his windshield, while bumps and potholes jarred him, he drove on. He looked for signs, maps, anything that might guide him along at a better pace, but none ever showed themselves.

At least, not until he had already gone past, and it was too late.

... read moreCollapse )
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I need a title O_o [21 Apr 2002|11:11am]

Been listening to all sorts of music lately, and Linkin Park's 'In the End' makes me wanna write Youji or Youji/Asuka fics. ^^;

Hopefully I'll have something solid soon!
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Has anyone else seen this? [10 Apr 2002|07:11pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Even though I have the entire, WK series on fansub, I'm still getting the DVDs. (Yes, I am a true fan. lol) Anyhoo, I'm really glad that I'm doing this, because the seiyuu interviews at the end of the second DVD are different from the ones on the fansub tapes. Very obvious yaoi content. For example:

*In the first interview, Yuuki and Koyasu were talking about some Japanese celebrity (an actor, I'm guessing) that they thought was sexy.

*Second interview: Koyasu said, and I quote: "Tom Cruise is really hot!"

I am one happy fangirl! The Weiss boys have given me just what I want. ^_^

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My latest "masterpiece" [02 Apr 2002|06:15pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I just uploaded a new WK fic to fanfiction.net. It's called "Shattered Reality". Please, please PLEASE read and review it. I am a total review slut. heh

Lady Lemon
P.S. If you haven't already, you might want to read "Violation", "A Life In Repair" and "Treasured Hearts" first. This isn't a sequel per se, as the focus is on Omi and Nagi this time, not Ran. But it *does* take place after those stories, and you might feel lost if you aren't familar with them.

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[15 Mar 2002|01:54pm]

[ mood | horny ]

I don't know if this is the right place to announce this, so gomen if not, but I made a yaoi community.
It's basically a place where we can announce when we've written a new fanfic, drawn some fanart, made a new yaoi-themed site, or updated an exsisting one...Basically, it's a place to share our creations, and offer feedback, support and constructive criticism. I don't know about you, but it makes me feel really good when I know that people have been reading and enjoying my work. So, I will try and comment on every fic and fanart that people announce.

Anyway, I've babbled enough. Join if you like. And please feel free to add me to your friends list. I'll do the same in return.

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::sigh:: [12 Mar 2002|09:10pm]

I'm sort of writing again. The muses are trickling back little by little. I've opened my website again, at White Kiss. Hopefully I won't be moving again, unless I can't afford to keep the space again... which could be likely in about three or four months. I don't know.

Anyway... off to try and tame the wild beast muses. Ja ne!
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For your reading pleasure... [10 Mar 2002|08:03am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

I posted a new story on fanfiction.net yesterday. It's a yaoi comedy that I'm writing with my friend. Please read and review it.

~Lady Lemon

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Happy birthday, Hiro! ^_^ [13 Feb 2002|06:54am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hiro Yuuki is 37 today. Happy birthday to our favorite girlie man!

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[14 Jan 2002|07:23am]

They'll be back! Don't worry about it! Just send the love monkeys after them! ^_^

Wahhhh!!! Hardly anyone is reviewing my latest fic on ff.net. (Yes, I am a review slut) I bet they would if it was rated NC-17, like most of my other stories are. ::pouts::

(btw, I can whine if I want because I'm cute and look like Omi, damnit! lol)
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::sigh:: [09 Jan 2002|04:04pm]

I'm beginning to think the muses went on a vacation and don't plan on coming back.

Haven't heard a peep from them since December 29th, and even that was only Youji pouting.

::rings bells:: Come the hell back, would you?
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[31 Dec 2001|04:46pm]

[Omi]Men's Pocky, baby! *Yours!*
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O_o [31 Dec 2001|08:32am]


Someone call the Army... Omi's been into Pixi Stix again...
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[30 Dec 2001|08:40am]

[Omi] Yohji-kun, there is one fudgesicle left in the box, and no one to share it with! Got any ideas? ::opens legs:: ~_^
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Author's Rant [29 Dec 2001|11:10pm]

I love yaoi just as much as anyone, hell, probably more than a lot of people, and yet...

Lately I've been infatuated with writing a straight Youji. ::blinks:: What gives? Straight... Youji... O_O;;; Don't get me wrong, I'm still a total Youji/Aya slut, but... ::sigh:: It's affecting my writing, and *that*, my friends, is irritating the hell out of me.

Although, I suppose that's not entirely a bad thing. I've written, what, thirty Youji/Aya fics? Most of them with zero plot, and basically PWP's without sex. ::winces:: That's like, lemonade without the lemon or something. ::sigh::

I'm hoping Nocturne's Fic Contest will be judged soon. I really, honestly have no competitors in the shounen-ai area. I submitted, what, eight or nine fics, all but two shounen ai, I believe... and of course, most people submitted R and NC-17 Lemons... that's a different story. I don't even expect an honorable mention there, despite Deceptive Pleasures. ::sigh:: I simply wasn't made for lemons. I really just shine as the shounen ai Queen that I am.

Now, to other topics.

I did some reading and observing today, since my muses are being bastards.

I'm sick of seeing Aya raped. No offense to any of the people that write NCS or rape fics, but it's just *not* my thing. [Hey, Lady Lemon, I do *not* mean you, btw. ^_~] Some of the fics are good and have decent plot, I'm simply tired of the overabundance of rape in general that I see written. *sighs*

I'm tired of seeing characters in love and cooing over each other without setup. I'm tired of seeing characers fuck like rabbits and then confess undying love with no backstory. I really am going to start writing candid reviews, and it won't be pretty.

I'm sick and tired of seeing people who take no care for grammar get rave reviews. Grammar is an essential part of a good story. If someone is tripping over your spelling and tense errors every five minutes, it's going to be annoying no matter how good your plot is. Get a fucking beta reader if you can't spot your own grammar issues.

Here is a short list of things that piss me off about WK fanfiction:

1) People spell the anime/team names/character names wrong. Weiss, WeiB, and Wei� are acceptable. Schwarz, NOT Schwartz or Shwarz. Aya. Omi. Ken. Youji's name has about four spellings that are acceptable. Has anyone verified Schulderich or Schurderich or Schurdig as an official name spelling? Schu is just one of those characters you have to let slide as far as name accuracy goes, I suppose. Tot. NOT Toto. Japanese people have to end words with vowels or 'n' sounds, therefore it's pronounced TOTO, but is spelled TOT. Neu, not NOI. Fansub people, I hate you for subjecting fans to mangled names. Manx, Birman, Botan. NOT BUTTON OR BARMAN! Farfarello, not Falfaldo. *winces* Abyssinian, Balinese, Siberian, Bombay. NO OTHER VARIATIONS. Not Abyshinia, Bombei, Sibelia, etc etc etc. I think I'm going to pull my hair out.

2) Eye color variations. It pisses me off when people say 'their eyes aren't that color!' Listen, you stupid bitches. There are manga and anime color differences, as well as differences between episodes. Aya's eyes are officially violet, but appear blue, gray, and violet at different times. Ken's seem to officially be green, brown, and blue, alternately. I've seen all three colors in official artbooks. Youji's eyes are ALWAYS green. Always. Thank god one thing stays. Omi's eyes vary shades of blue and green, but seem to be officially blue. Crawford's eyes are blue in the manga, brown in the anime. Schu's eyes are gold in the manga, blue or green in the anime. Check the god damn scenes. They show up as both green AND blue. Farfarello's eyes are alternately gold/amber, and I believe, red. Nagi's are morphous. Teal, Navy, Purple. Possibly other colors.

3) Hair colors. Why do I have to go through this? Yohji is technically blonde in the series. He's brunette in the manga. Omi is blonde. Aya is a redhead. Schu has GREEN hair in the manga, Orange/Red in the anime. If you're using manga color eyes, then go with the manga color hair, okay? Don't mix and match. Please.

4) *twitch* We never learn Schu's real name. DO NOT GIVE HIM ONE OF YOUR OWN! That is one of *the* most annoying fucking things ever. And *don't* give him some lame ass American name like Mike, or some clich�d german name like... Gus. Or whatever.

5) DO NOT ADD/SUBTRACT MEMBERS FROM WEISS/ SCHWARZ/ KRITIKER/ SCHREIENT unless it's actually done in the show, or you can pull it off *really* fucking well. Original characters based on yourself are no-no's. Original characters based off yourself for the purpose of fucking a canon character are abominable. That's what hentai daydreams are for. Don't publish that crap. If you must write it, keep it to yourself. If you must write original characters, make them good, and convincing.

6) Character Ages. Yet another pet peeve. *sigh* Yet another god damn irritating point. Aya's official age is listed at 'about 20 years'. That's vague, but implies age 20, possibly a few months in either age 19 or 21. Yohji's age is usually listed as 21-22. Omi is SEVENTEEN. Ken is NINETEEN. Learn the numbers. Memorize them. Use them. Aya joined Crashers at age 18, I believe. Youji joined Wei� at age 19, I believe.

I'm done now.
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*~Lalala~* [29 Dec 2001|05:11pm]

*looks for Omi, kicks him*

I always wanted to do that.

*pegs berries at Schuldig*
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[29 Dec 2001|05:28pm]

[Aya] : *blink* *pause* *thinks he's going to shi-ne Rina now* SHI-NE! *chases after Rina with a katana*

[Ken]: *grins because he tied a pretty rose to the katana*
[ slap youji's ass ]

*Screams* [29 Dec 2001|03:08pm]

Argh! I need to *write*, but I'm a total damn *blank*!

Damn it, guys, don't cop out on me now! Youji! Move your ass! Aya, *kick* his ass, or shi-ne, or something for chrissakes! Brad, Schu, get out of bed and get the hell to work!

[ slap youji's ass ]

Weird Snippet [29 Dec 2001|07:42am]

I had some rather ... um... interesting images and thoughts right before I fell asleep, that worked themselves into a tiny little scene. Rated NC 17 for... content -_- It's not comic. It's serious. X.x;;


Youji unsteadily propped himself up against the wall, working the lock on his door with both hands. After struggling with the infernal key every which way, it finally slid into the lock, and clicked. Closing and locking it back behind him with more effort than he really wanted to spare, he leaned back tiredly against the door.

He was drunk, but that was nothing new.

However, usually drunk led to getting laid, and there had been none of that this evening, much to Youji's utter frustration. He'd been flirting with a pretty young thing, just barely legal, until it got past the point for meaningless small talk. She'd said he 'wasn't her type'.

He'd smiled and asked her what 'was' her type, then.

"Anyone but you," were the biting words, along with a pretty, condescending smile.

... read moreCollapse )
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